Graffiti Building (5 Pointz)

I’m still not sure what the deal is with this building.  My guess is that it’s an atelier for artists, since the PS1 is right next door.

Update: This is of course the 5 Pointz building, and it continues to have ever evolving art on the outside.

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  1. Raphael

    How come no one commented on this image? This is the slickest graffitti photo I’ve ever seen. Great designs framed by dual vanishing points… We’re staring at this one at the studio with our jaws dropped. I do special effects for film and was doing some research online for cityscape reference, and found your site. Interestingly, we’re working on a shot with a fisheye-style camera, and your pics are very inspiring… I also loved your night exposures from central park… The colors are breathtaking, and the composition has classic flair… Big ups!

  2. scotty

    Thats the 5 corners building inbetween ps1 and the sculpture center. I got in trouble when I tried climbing those stairs… I guess they are all artist lofts from what I was told… sweet image

  3. conor

    this is an abandoned warehouse in queens called 5 pointz and is an outdoor aerosol playground for experienced graff writers. all the pieces here are legal with the permission of the head of the place known as meres.

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