Building across the street

I moved into my appartment in Astoria 5 years ago. It’s a great neighbourhood and I call it sometimes East Manhattan, because it doesn’t feel like Queens. It had a great view to the north of the Triboro Bridge and I could see Manhattan from the windows on the south side of my building.

Some day in the summer of 2005 the small two story building across the street was demolished, and I started documenting the new construction in October 2005, trying to take a picture every morning. November 30, 2005 was the last time I was able to see the Triboro Bridge from my appartment.

The basic construction was finished in May 2006, but it took them another 6 months or more to finish the interior. When I took the last picture of the sequence on January 19, 2007, nobody had yet moved in.

This is not really a panorama of the 360 degree kind, it’s a 470 day panorama.

Update: I redid the video, and uploaded a HD version to vimeo, as you can see above.


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  1. Damon Hart-Davis

    Lovely time-lapse (and panoramas): thanks for sharing! I won’t be back in NYC until us dodgy foreigners stop being fingerprinted at the border like criminals, so these pics are a lovely reminder. I’m linking to you from my Gallery (under NYC).

    Rgds, Damon

  2. Olga


    This morning I met Uli in the train, and she reminded me of your web site. This movie is great, cool idea to do that, I’ll continue looking through your site!

  3. Oscar

    Marvelous document.

    I think that it is very romantic what you made for your apartment’s sights.

    Come on with this work, it is great.

  4. rothwell

    great video

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