Midtown from Roosevelt Island at Night

Roosevelt Island is right in the middle of the East River between Manhattan and Queens. It has some great views (Midtown and the Upper East Side), and some not so great views (an ugly powerplant in Long Island City). I am not sure what the Southpoint Park is usually used for. But unfortunately it closes after sunset. A friendly police officer asked me to leave before I was able to finish my panorama, since he wanted to lock the gate. At least I got 5 shots done in HDR with my new DSLR setup.
Update: A thing that I learned from dealing with cops: keep shooting… Most people won’t notice that you photograph if you don’t have the camera in your face… if it’s on a tripod, and you have a remote, just keep going…

Digital, about 10000x3000px.


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  1. Meredith

    Manhattan looks so beautiful… I miss it…

  2. Olga

    Wow, beautiful colors, and so neat! I love this picture! Good job!

  3. Paul Bachorz

    I like the way Joergen takes wide angle right to the edge – the edge of comfort and recognition without losing perspective. Wide angle shots can easily distort reality leaving the viewer thinking, WTF? Joergen avoids that feeling.

    The night shot of the Empire State at night is a perfect illustration. The viewer sees NY in a way the eye rarely sees. It does not distort reality but makes one think, Wow, I never saw that before.

  4. Nicholas Bloom

    I wish the kids at The Child School on Roosevelt Island could see this beautiful image.

  5. Attila Mag

    Dude, this one kicks ass!!!! The absolute best nyc night photo’ve seen from east side by far. Is it possible to download it or something? I could watch this photo for hours. Sorry you couldn’t finish the pano=)

    I’m glad I found this site=)
    Keep up the good work…

    /Attila from Sweden

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