Church at Park Ave

Sunday morning in Manhattan

Digital, about 9000x6000px.


  1. Aaron Spence

    Great shot. I love the light coming off the building in the background to the right filling in the shadows and adding reflections to the building across the intersection.

    With the vast resolution you are capturing have you considered using some (soon to arrive) tools for cutting up the images and displaying them in a google map interface. This would allow us to zoom in and see the detail, which I’d love to do :)

  2. Olga

    Where can I put generic comments, requests?

    I didn’t find the place, so I am writing you here.

    All the pictures are great and very original, but what about my favourite areas: SoHo, NoHo, Greenich Village? Is it possible to do some panoramic pictures there, or it’s to confined there?

  3. Joergen

    Hi Olga,
    you can leave generic comments anywhere you think it fits.
    It takes a bit time to find good locations. I usually do some scouting first, decide when and how to shoot since I have to stand in one location for at least 30 minutes. Tripod permits are a complete different issue, but so far I have gotten around them with one exception (Roosevelt Island). Then I have to wait for the weather and to have actually time to go there. It’s basically almost the complete opposite of casual touristic point&shoot photography. But one day I will get to those areas. It would help to know people with rooftop access or a good balcony view in those areas.

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