Part 2, or better part 1.5 of this series. Although “South” looks great, the plan of having 4 of them demands a bit more consistency, so I will reshoot “South” with more coverage towards top and bottom. Bob is fortunately very patient and kind in letting me use his office after hours and I shot “North” in the same night.

Update (4-30-07): I have now shot all 4 panoramas, and I am almost finished blending the first, the second one is stitched and awaits blending, and the remaining two need stitching. The images are humongous and take quite some time to open/edit/save.


  1. Meredith

    I really like the directional panoramas. You said you had shot North – when are we going to get to see it and East as well =) Looking forward to them.

  2. Tim

    I am absolutely lost for words.
    I just spent almost an hour “discovering” some of the details on the zoomify version of the west panorama. It is more than amazing!
    Simply incredible.

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