Vote for me at projekt30.com

I am taking part in the projekt30 september art competition, and the public can vote on each artists, before the jury sees it at the beginning of september. So, please go to http://www.projekt30.com/jury.html, click on “jury the exhibition” and click “next artist” until you see my panoramas.

The artists are displayed in random order, my work might be on page 3 or on page 110. If you like, feel free to give your vote to all the other fine artists. You have to vote for at least 20 artists to make your vote count.

Update: After so many of you voted for me, and got me into the “top 30,” it turned out that that was it. No further benefit, no further publicity from the website, no links, no contacts, no answers. I wasted my money, and your time for nothing. Thank you very much Projekt30, for such a useless Website.