Pepsi Cola

I assume every tourist has seen the Pepsi Cola sign across from the UN, but always wondered how to get there. Well, you sort of can’t, but it’s just a matter of just going there. I like this one a lot, even if the visual information content is not very high. But it has a lot of ompf.

Digital, about 500 megapixel.


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  1. Lane

    Outstanding. Beautiful and haunting at the same time. Bravo!

  2. Karl Heindel

    this one is absolute fantastic. I love it!
    Great Work Joergen.


  3. Lode Coen

    Awesome! Like a contemporary Caspar David Friedrich. Especially: Moon over Central Park.

    Lode Coen

  4. Randy Kosek

    Excellent. It breaks the mold of standard panoramic fare and works perfectly.

  5. tore claesson

    absolutley beautiful. i wish i had a long wall to hang it on.

  6. pepsitrev

    wow fantastic shot congrats

  7. Jason

    Spectacular. This is a really stunning shot in a lot of respects. High marks indeed.

  8. Buffalo Search

    the your top banner, great work!

  9. Mr.Po

    waaaa…Awesome!! love it…

  10. karmakbh

    I love your HP. Simply stunning and fantastic shots allover :)
    Just got home from New York celebrating my 30th birthday.

    Extra : The Pepsi Cola sign is NEW YORKS FIRST neon sign! ‘Pretty funny’ info consetering how many there is.

    Greetings from Copenhagen \ Denmark.

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