Moon over Central Park

Central Park at night is spectacular, especially when you can have the complete park in one picture. Right in the middle is not a corner of the park, but it is Central Park West, the 280 degree view just let it look like a corner. It would had been great if the YMCA had their sign on, but I guess it’s broken or they have to save on their electricity bill, or the neighbors complained… I will get a digital c-print at 96×40 inch done of this.
Digital, about 400 megapixel.


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  1. Jonathan Tessler

    Nice! I seem to recognize this location…

  2. Lode Coen

    Awesome! Like a contemporary Caspar David Friedrich.

    All the best, Joergen


  3. Chris Brady

    What a great shot!. Very cool perspective.

  4. elle

    where’d you shoot this from?

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