Panoramas at the BWAC Art Show in Redhook

I finally will be showing a couple of my panoramas at the BWAC Art Show in Redhook, Brooklyn (right next to the Fairway) from September until the end of October, and I am very excited about it.

Watertaxi takes you conveniently to Redhook.I will be showing the following panoramas (all sandwich mounted between plexi and dibond):

  1. North – East – South – West (each 60×60 inch)
  2. Pepsi Cola (96×30 inch)
  3. Moon over Central Park (96×40 inch)
  4. round Midnight (96×30 inch)

I will also have 2 small 30 inch panoramas up on the BWAC exhibition auction wall (Grand Central and Midtown), up for the grabs (Update: both small panoramas are sold).

Please come by and bring friends. The BWAC Fall Show is big and exciting (more than 200 artists), and the trip to Redhook is certainly interesting. I’m trying to be there most of the time, just send me an email if/when your going.


The show opening was great, and many people showed up. Some pictures after the jump.

Scott covered the event on his blog, theweblicist.com

Jook came by on Sunday with his camera gear and shot a great QTVR:

And here are some pics Uli, Lucas (our new roommate) and I shot:

And here are some more photos and QTVR of the whole exhibition.


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  1. Olga

    I liked all of the pictures you chose to show, and especially North-East-Shouth-West looks incredible with all the reflections. Pepsi Cola is something surrealistic, very cool too!

    I am eager to see how it looks like on paper.

    Good luck! :-)

  2. Audrey Fleisher

    Congratulations! The phptographs are amazing. I am thoroughly impressed by your talent. And it’s a wonderful celebration of New York through your eyes.
    Really well done.


  3. Philip Sandler

    Joergen – these are great. BTW – ” Round Midnight” is the exact spot in Central Park I hide in before mugging nocturnal photographers for their equipment. Awesome 😉

  4. Detlef

    Super ! Traumhaft ! Viel Erfolg !
    Da kann keiner mithalten.

  5. Nunor

    I like your panoramic photos a lot. New York has a lot of places for great panoramics…
    I make panoramics myself as a hobbie. I’m from Portugal. Please come and make me a visit at my blog. I linked there to your site, hope you don’t mind.

    Best regards.


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