Encampment on Roosevelt Island

Thom Sokolosky and his team created the second encampment, basically a gigantic outdoor group art show for local artists. Each artist is assigned a tent, which are similar to those from the civil war and lit up with a small light source. The reception was phenomenal, I think over 10000 people visited the encampment over the course of the weekend (it was open until 1am each night). An of course, Manhattan looks great from Roosevelt Island, and I liked the opportunity to finally take some panoramas from that location, since the park usually closes at sunset.

5 more panoramas after the break.

Digital, each about 50 megapixel.

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  1. Philippe

    Sci-Fi movie inspiring.

  1. Sammy Sullivan

    Kewl site man…

    keep up the good work man…….

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