Long Island City construction

Long Island City is a very strange place at the moment: for one, a new construction starts every month, and on the other side, remnands of it’s industrial past are still lingering around, like this sceleton of an old building, embedded into something completely new. Then you also have the empty industrial lots in between. People started moving into the area, but there is almost no infrastructure like groceries or such around. I wonder when they will follow. I hope queenscrap.blogspot.com will enjoy this contribution to the list of strange things in Queens.
Digital, about 20 megapixel.


  1. M

    This building is the Powerhouse condo in LIC – http://powerhouselic.com/ which is nearly completion and should be open in 2008.

  2. Queens Crapper

    Garbage on both sides of the street.

  3. reakke

    One of the biggest companies in New York City thats dealing with green products is http://WWW.STRUCTURECONTRACTING.COM ., with everything from Green Kitchens, Green Baths, Green Buildings, Green Products and more…
    Great design team that walked me threw the entire process with a joyful experience.

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