Brooklyn Bridge (again)

I went back to the Brooklyn Bridge to take another panorama, this time only a 200 degree panorama, with nothing but water in the foreground and all the focus on the bridge and a quite nice moon. It’s stitched from 50 tiles.
About 280 megapixel.


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  1. Andy

    Sehr schönes Spiel voll hell nach dunkel!

  2. Matthew McGregor-Mento

    I like the way you can see 3 bridges. Composition and mood are great.

  3. MotorCityJim

    It ‘appears’ the right portion of your lovely pano doesn’t match (for lack of a better term :)
    We see the reflection of the bridge lights (as I scan the photo from left to right) abruptly go dark as the eye transitions to the right side of the frame?
    Was there an issue with ‘blending/stitching’ at that point? or, was the exposure less in the photo/s to the right?
    I hope you can understand what I am saying/seeing; I sometimes have a difficult time expressing my thoughts/views in this ‘written medium’ :-)
    Other than what I see as a minor annoyance (on the right side), I love your composition and the overally quality of the pano!

  4. Joergen

    Thank you for your comments. The buildings on the right simply don’t cast light out onto the East River, that’s why it may seem like a abrupt transition, but it’s all “natural.”

  5. françois

    superbe photo !!!
    je cherhce à acheter une photo identique mais couleur sépia !!
    pouvez vous la faire pour moi ?
    si oui à quel prix ?
    merci par avance

  6. Diana Graça Oliva

    Dear Sirs,
    We are an interior design studio, and our Client would like to use your “Brooklyn Bridge Again” photo in his private house.

    We would appreciate if you could please contact us as soon as possible.

    Thank you

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