Riverside Park South

Riverside Park South is nearly finished, it just needs some small touch-up, and it’s actually quite nice, and very inviting for sightseeing, walking and biking. I like the fact that they left some artifacts of the old piers in the water, especially the old railroad barge transfer facility. I was also surprised to see so many people there at night, despite the signs that the park is closing at 11pm. Why the park is closing, I do not understand. Afterall, it’s a major throughway for bicycles. After I was finished with those two panoramas I moved on to the next location, the 72nd Street Ballpark and was promptly harassed by at least four cops in two vans, stating that I was doing something suspicious (photographing), and that I was trespassing. I was of course the only one that they harassed, all the others in the park that I saw were left alone. This encounter was way different than the Triboro bridge encounter, where the cops were just bored, but professional and somewhat friendly, while those four were clearly just out of line. So I will take the last panorama at the Ballpark as soon as the weather is OK again, before 11pm, so they can’t piss me off again.
About 250 megapixel.

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  1. richard gold

    Technique: do you use a fisheye lens and any other comments on equipment and processing?
    Richard Gold
    P.S. I live close to the park and would like to try to capture it in a similar fashion

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