South Cove (Tribeca)

The lights and colors of this area were really attractive. I did try this panorama last week, but my memory card died on me, so I had to reshoot, and fortunately it turned out much better. The waiters of both restaurants were a bit curious to see what I was up to, but didn’t say anything. The moon over the Statue of Liberty was just a quick 7 panel panorama, nothing special, but I left the orange/yellow sky over New jersey as it really was. The moon was dark yellow, about 4 year old Gauda cheese. I did dial the orange down in the first/large panorama, because it was just a bit too much.
Digital, about 650 megapixel.


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  1. Andrew

    That’s my neighborhood! I love the South Cove, and walk there at night often. Next time you’re around, drop by and say hello!

  2. Joe

    I really enjoyed your site, you must have some serious patience doing all those long night exposures and carrying around that tripod set – up. The results are very rewarding.

    The empire state shot and South street seaport are favorites. great work.

  1. Trip Leaders Conquer NYC : Venture Outdoors

    […] We paused at South Cove to wait for the next outbound Staten Island Ferry to leave Manhattan, and then started around The Battery. But the inbound ferry was coming on fast, making Steve nervous. His requests over our marine radios to quickly clear the ferry terminal became more urgent as our group became more spread out – at first he asked that we keep up a good pace, but ten minutes later he was barking “STOP TALKING AND PADDLE!!” Complicating the situation, the Governor’s Island ferry decided to pull out too. Everyone dug deep and beat the ferry traffic. […]

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