Next Gallery Show: Oct ’08 – Jan ’09 in Newark, NJ

I am very proud to announce my next group show where I will be showing the following 3 panoramas. I hope you can make it to the opening on October 24, from 8 to 11PM, if not, the show runs for quite some time:

Rupert Ravens Contemporary Art

October 24 – January 18, 2009

85 Market Street, Newark, NJ, USA

Pepsi Cola, 2007, 360° panorama, digital c-print, diasec, 96x30in, 243x76cm, edition of 6

Trump World Tower and UN, 2007, 270° panorama, digital c-print, diasec, 120x60in (304x152cm), edition of 6

Two Bridges, 2008, 200° panorama, digital c-print, diasec, 96x30in, 243x76cm, edition of 6

Here are some pictures of the opening night:


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  1. Andrew

    Hey there! Saw a write-up in Gawker today!


  2. Clovia Ng

    Hi, These are amazing gorgeous! I would love a full-size one to span the walls of my New York City apartment when I move into one – which will be within the next few months. The fish-eye view reminds me of a project that was done at RISD when I went to school there. Just clever and beautiful! Good luck with your work!

  3. El Jefe

    Amazing panoramas. Congratulations

  4. Dominik Sprada

    Failed to find email or any contact information. Want to purchase prints and/or files! Very interested!

  5. panorama

    very cool Amazing work . I gave 5 stars but i thing on the secend picture the trees are too green .

  1. panodigg.com/

    Pepsi New York Panorama…

    Panoramic image, not interactive but beautiful ! Created by Joergen Geerds….

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