Upper East Side (from Roosevelt Island)

Ever since I shot the pano in April, I was unhappy about it (the second one), and decided to reshoot it (the first one), with more coverage to the left, and a bit more resolution.
About 400 megapixel.


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  1. Dick Lutz

    I’m interested in publishing this (these) in the community newspaper for Roosevelt Island, The Main Street WIRE. Please let me know if that’s OK with you, and tell me: What’s your highest resolution you have available of this (these)?
    Dick Lutz
    917 617-0449

  2. Mario

    Great view, this is an amazing panorama view of the city light !!!

  3. eedun

    I just stumbled upon this site. You have some amazing photography here. Especially this one. Astonishing!

  4. sacha

    Color / DR tones are improved, but the cropping gives you a loss of view point and introduces negative aspects. Easy fix though: slice.

  5. Karl

    hi joergen,

    unfortunately i won’t visit New York this year. But see you next year!

    these two panorama shots are amazing! I wish I could do something simiilar, but I’m far away from that with my panoramas wich are made of 15 or 20 pictures.

    Hope to see you both next year again.

  6. Chevonne

    Hi Joergen – I happened upon your website while searching for information on the flower show at Macy’s this year. I have to say, I love your pictures. Especially the ones you took in Central Park at night. I actually had shivers up my spine thinking about how scary it probably was going there in the dark.

    Your pictures really bring the city to life for those of us who love the city, and can’t get there as often as we’d like!

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