Gizmodo Gallery 2009

I shot a couple of VR panoramas for Gizmodo again. You can read more about the show at gizmodo.com/tag/gizgallery09

In the third panorama you can see Alpay Kasal and his interactive mirror

The fourth panorama is Arc Attack fixing some gear before the concert later that night


  1. Katie Reifman

    I love this! Beautiful job!

  2. Joergen Geerds

    you can see the Tesla coils (4th panorama) in action at vimeo.com/6763035

  3. Alpay Kasal

    Yes! I’m in the shot with the Mirror!!!! That is great, i’m so pleased to be part of one of your images – I have perused your site in the past and think it is all so beautiful. Thank you for shooting at GizGallery!!!

    Alpay Kasal

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