Sugarhill Gas Station, Harlem

My original plan for this panorama was the gas station, but I couldn’t find an interesting angle to it. On the other hand, the mansion on the corner just looked too strange to not take a panorama. The Victorian mansion is supposedly one of New York’s finest examples, built in 1886, and just recently sold, according to locals who stopped to chat with me. Stribling has some more info about the building.

It took me a while to take all the shots, because traffic was random, and significant. Fortunately I was already almost finished when the cops stopped by and started interrogating me, and giving me a quite insulting and intimidating and harassing speech that it is illegal what I am doing here, and other BS like that, and basically insisting that I have to leave right away. Since I was done anyway, I left. I am wondering if they were just bored that night and hadn’t fulfilled their harassment quota, or if they genuinely believed the stuff they said.