Astoria Pool

The Astoria Pool (Astoria Park) is the oldest and largest public pool in NYC, and while it was used for olympic trials in the last century, the NYC Parks department is feeling the constraints of a lower budget, and hence the pool opens relatively late in summer, and it’s general state of repair isn’t the best. The main pool is pretty shallow, 40-100cm, and jumping pool is completely out of commission. Kinda sad, but unfortunately a fact of life in the city.

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  1. Barbara A Abair

    Astoria Pool opens at 7 am for lap swimming and has for the last 26 years. (First tuesday after July 4th) In 2015 there were no less than 1100 signed up for early morning swimming. Swimming lessons are offered free of charge for all children who register and it is the best program Astoria has to offer for summer fun. Your photo is a masterpiece.


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