NYC after Hurricane Sandy – part 1

Fixing the electric grid after massive failures due to flooding:

Repair efforts the day after Hurricane Sandy, Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012:

ConEd crew lowering a large pump into a supply tunnel:

Staging area on Union Square North, where electrical repair crews from Maryland, D.C. Virginia, Georgia and other states arrive and await work orders from ConEd and the Office for Emergency Management (OEM) in the morning:

Staging area for work crews: 2 of the 10 Pepco trucks and their crews waiting to begin work in the morning:

Pepco (D.C. and Maryland) truck on the inside:

Generator on 14th Street, feeding power to the Beth Israel Medical Center (Union Square), and other nearby buildings:

The DEP placing water stations all over the city, to supply residents without power with drinking water. NYC high-rises rely on electrical pumps to store their water supply in roof tanks, and without electricity there is no water in those buildings. The sudden increase in bike commuters also enjoy the refreshing NYC water: