NYC after Hurricane Sandy – part 2

A divided city: downtown without, mid- and uptown blazing lights:

While parts of Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island are truly devastated, Hurricane Sandy “just” left Lower Manhattan without power, Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012:

Large backup generators provide just enough power to keep a restaurant up and running, like a beacon of light attracting patrons”

Food trucks have become the main fare in the area of Manhattan which have lost power, supplying food to residents, work crews and tourists:

2 Bros. Pizza making and selling pizza in the dark. The restaurant is right on the edge of the area affected by the power outage. The building right to the north, has regular power, all buildings to the south of 25th Street and 6th Ave are without power

Broadway & Union Square North, only lit by passing cars, bike and pedestrians with flash lights. A handful of apartments have chosen to use candles to light their spaces:

Union Square Subway station on the South-Eastern corner, with a generator running on the borrow of the stairs to power some backup utilities, and possibly the police station that is under ground inside the subway. (artificially lit with a flashlight)

On Third Avenue and East 39th Street, the line between city blocks with and without power became even more apparent: