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Frozen Hearnshead

Cleopatra’s Needle (in Central Park)

Cleopatra’s Needle (Wiki) isn’t really associated with Cleopatra, and predates her quite a bit (1450BC), and Wiki has the full story about how it got to New York in 1880… it may very well be the oldest human-crafted object out in the public in NYC.

Belvedere Castle (Central Park)

The view from the castle, which is an odd piece of architecture in my opinion to begin with, is really nice, especially the view of the Delacorte Theater and the Turtle Pond, which didn’t seem to have any ducks on ice at the moment.

Snow in Central Park

Cop Cot in Central Park (II)

This is another attempt to photograph the cop cot. The first one was beautiful, snow and everything, so I was hoping to recreate some of the magic, but I guess this scene is really difficult with out snow, so I will give it another try in winter, given that we will ever see snow again …

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Wollman Rink in Central Park

Alice in Central Park (II)

This is another attempt to capture the sculpture in an interesting panoramic way, I am not completely happy yet, and will have to wait for some night to try it again. Here is the previous attempt:

Alice in Central Park

Alice in Wonderland (by José de Creeft) was commissioned by George Delacorte for his wife in 1959 and is said to be the most beloved statue in Central Park. It is certainly, together with Hans Christian Anderson, the most approachable statue, almost like a playground piece. About 500 megapixel

Hans Christian Anderson revisited

I visited the Hans Christian Anderson statue in Central Park in Winter 2007 (snow pano), but I was never happy with the result. The snow was nice, but there were tons of foot prints, the composition had to real weight, and the lens I was using back then was producing way too many flares. It …

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Central Park: Sheep Meadow

Spring has finally arrived, and the cherries are blossoming. The Sheep Meadow is still officially closed until the grass is strong enough. This panorama wasn’t easy to shoot, since the meadow is pretty much completely unlit. About 250 megapixel.

Central Park: The Pond

Now that winter seems to be over in NY, and the trees almost start blooming, I went back into the park. The Pond surrounds a small animal sanctuary, and without leaves on the trees, the reflections on the water are pretty calm. About 330 megapixel.

Central Park complete

I took another Central Park panorama, similar to “Moon over Central Park,” only with higher resolution, and only 180 degree, instead of 270 degree view and 4 blocks north of the previous park panorama. I think one can see a couple of more things in the park. Let me know which one you prefer, this …

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Moon over Central Park

Central Park at night is spectacular, especially when you can have the complete park in one picture. Right in the middle is not a corner of the park, but it is Central Park West, the 280 degree view just let it look like a corner. It would had been great if the YMCA had their …

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’round midnight

The lake in Central Park is simply called The Lake. Going to the Hearnshead at midnight was a bit scary, whoever you meet at that time is either scared of you, or you should be scared of them. Shooting on the streets of New York at night is no issue for me, but the Park …

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The Rock

I shot this panorama the same night as I shot “Hearnshead.” It was really cold, and Peter was already a bit complaining about the cold. We found one of the many strange rock formations that are very common in Central Park. Looking at this Panorrama, i think i could have choosen a slightly different location, …

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Ducks on Ice

Not a single turtle in the turtle pond near the castle in Central Park, but sleeping ducks, and two racoons in the bushes. Digital, about 26000x7000px.

Hans Christian Anderson

Only one duck was out that night. And I had no idea Hans Christian Anderson was sitting here all by himself. Digital, about 26000x7000px.

The Cop Cot (Central Park South)

Nights in Manhattan full of those beautyfully wasted photons. Just get out and capture some of them. Digital, about 25700x8000px.