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Go wide or go home – 360 video for Xperia Studio

Xperia Studio approached me a while ago for this project, to feature the Xperia Phones in an unusual way. Being a panorama photographer, and very interested in all things 360, I came up with a way to use 6 Xperia Neo’s (with fisheye lenses attached) to shoot a 360 video. And since every movie (or …

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Pousada de Palmela

Pousada de Palmela at night

Enchanted Rock State Park, Texas

After leaving Fredericksburg, which was a bit of a disappointment, we made our way back to Austin. The day before we read about the state park, but we put it on the maybe list… Then we saw the sign on the street, and spontaniously decided to visit the park, even if it was just for …

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Benini Sculpture Ranch in Johnson City, TX

We stumbled more or less through a happy accident onto the Benini Sculpture Ranch in/near Johnson City, TX. We were walking though Johnson City on Sunday afternoon, found only one art gallery open, chatted with the owner who strongly suggested that we try to get to the sculpture ranch as long as there is some …

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Texas Long Horn, by Bettye Hamblen Turner

Bettye is currently exhibiting a couple of her metal sculptures at the Benini Sculpture Ranch in/near Johnson City, TX, including two of her magnificent Texas Long Horns. One of them you can see right next to the highway, the other one (see below) is in the ranch, some 5 miles off the highway. I personally …

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Johnson City, TX Christmas Lights

Johnson City looked like a small Texas town during the day, but transformed itself after sunset into a christmas light spectacular, with everybody competing who has the most lights out, and the obvious winner was of course the local utility company, who decorated a whole grove of trees with lights, Hill County Style…

Austin, TX: River Sunset and Kettle Restaurant

On our road trip through Texas we landed in Austin and spent one and a half day, barely enough to get a good impression of the city. I had the feeling that we had not enough time and everything felt a bit rushed, but at least I managed to shoot some panoramas. Of course I …

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Austin, TX Parking Lot

We were strolling around in downtown Austin that afternoon, and it was very quiet, not like a couple of hours later when the nightlife starts. The clouds were just too interesting to not shoot a quick hand-held pano.

Houston/Baytown Gas Station

One of the fascinating aspects of Houston was the clustering of well known staples, like Starbucks, Wafflehouse etc. This panorama is an attempt of a panorama… I wanted to capture the handful of large signs, but I should have probably spent more time to get it right.

Goose Creek Memorial Highschool in Baytown, TX

It was just a very curious evening, and we decided to simply walk around and see how Baytown looks at night, and see if there is anything interesting to photograph. I have to admit that this might not be the most successful panorama that I have ever taken.

Chemical Plants in Houston

The oil and chemical industry is all over Houston, particularly in the south, and the sites look fabulosly at night, much nicer than the handful of installations in NJ. If you happen to own one of these, or work for one, please contact me, I would love to photograph some more of these for your …

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Yosemite Extreme Panorama Project

Eric Hanson and Greg Downing from invited me (and 70 others) to take part in the Yosemite Extreme Panorama Project. The project attempts to make an almost complete virtual panorama of the walls of the valley, in insanely high resolution. Teams went to 24 locations with gigapan bots and Canon G9s and shot each …

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Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has a lot of beach to offer, so we went down there to see some of the beach, and of course I had to take some panoramas. Digital, about 110 megapixel

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Brians House in PA

My friend Jen decided to move away from the big city. Her boyfriend has a great house in the middle of PA, and we spent a great summer weekend with them. Handheld, digital, about 14500x2000px.

Lassen Volcano Peak

Uli and I visited Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northeastern California and actually climbed up to the peak, an elevation of 3150 meters. Amazing view from up there and to our surprise and delight – tons of butterflies. I have no idea what kind of ecosystem supports them but they were pretty and welcome sight. …

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