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Go wide or go home – 360 video for Xperia Studio

Xperia Studio approached me a while ago for this project, to feature the Xperia Phones in an unusual way. Being a panorama photographer, and very interested in all things 360, I came up with a way to use 6 Xperia Neo’s (with fisheye lenses attached) to shoot a 360 video. And since every movie (or …

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Abandoned Elevator Room

Abandoned Elevator Room 1 VR Abandoned Elevator Room 2 VR

Enchanted Rock State Park, Texas

After leaving Fredericksburg, which was a bit of a disappointment, we made our way back to Austin. The day before we read about the state park, but we put it on the maybe list… Then we saw the sign on the street, and spontaniously decided to visit the park, even if it was just for …

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Benini Sculpture Ranch in Johnson City, TX

We stumbled more or less through a happy accident onto the Benini Sculpture Ranch in/near Johnson City, TX. We were walking though Johnson City on Sunday afternoon, found only one art gallery open, chatted with the owner who strongly suggested that we try to get to the sculpture ranch as long as there is some …

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Texas Long Horn, by Bettye Hamblen Turner

Bettye is currently exhibiting a couple of her metal sculptures at the Benini Sculpture Ranch in/near Johnson City, TX, including two of her magnificent Texas Long Horns. One of them you can see right next to the highway, the other one (see below) is in the ranch, some 5 miles off the highway. I personally …

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Austin, TX Parking Lot

We were strolling around in downtown Austin that afternoon, and it was very quiet, not like a couple of hours later when the nightlife starts. The clouds were just too interesting to not shoot a quick hand-held pano.

BWAC Summer Art Show 2009

Gizmodo Gallery (NYC)


Wall Street – New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

I did another Wall Street panorama set upon request from Der Spiegel, but unfortunately they did not wanted to use it (yet). So, if you are interested licensing them, contact me. Many many megapixel.

Yosemite Extreme Panorama Project

Eric Hanson and Greg Downing from invited me (and 70 others) to take part in the Yosemite Extreme Panorama Project. The project attempts to make an almost complete virtual panorama of the walls of the valley, in insanely high resolution. Teams went to 24 locations with gigapan bots and Canon G9s and shot each …

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Sky over Astoria

I haven’t taken much day panoramas lately, but the clouds were just too pretty to not take a quick hand-held panorama that evening.

Astoria Park

Astoria Park is right around the corner. It has a nice running track, but is otherwise not the nicest park. The fact that the Triboro Bridge is under renovation doesn’t really help. Close up it’s still an ugly bridge. The Hells Gate Bridge has much more class, although it could use a bucket or two …

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Sunset at Times Square

David and Jeff were so kind to let me up on John’s rooftop, and while I was waiting for the sun to set completely, I took 2 quick panoramas during the sunset. Great view from up there.

Church at Park Ave

Sunday morning in Manhattan Digital, about 9000x6000px.

Building across the street

I moved into my appartment in Astoria 5 years ago. It’s a great neighbourhood and I call it sometimes East Manhattan, because it doesn’t feel like Queens. It had a great view to the north of the Triboro Bridge and I could see Manhattan from the windows on the south side of my building. Some …

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Grand Central Station Part 2

The front of Grand Central Station shortly before sunset. Analog, about 13000x6000px.

South Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Sunrise over the southern tip of Manhattan and the South Street Seaport. Digital, about 19000x4000px.

Wall Street Stock Exchange

The famous New York Stock Exchange, where money becomes liquid and flows and flows and flows and where it lands nobody knows. Digital, about 17000x6500px.

Flat Iron Building and Madison Square Park

The Fuller Building or as it is better known, the Flatiron Building, a name it acquired because it’s shape resembles the irons of its day, was one of the tallest buildings in New York City when it was built in 1902. Since it was one of the first buildings to use a steel skeleton, the …

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59th Street Bridge and Manhattan

It’s not easy to find good places to shoot Manhattan. Lots of the good ones are owned by Con Edison or other companies, and they don’t let anyone on their property. I was trying to get a shot of the bridge from the south, but no such luck. Digital, about 17000x4500px. There is actually a …

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Construction near Queensboro Plaza [Part 2]

Now, four months later, the construction is almost finished, the facade is coming up. I plan to take another panorama from the exact same location when it’s finished. Digital, about 17200x6500px.

Hells Gate and Triboro Bridge II

This is the analog version of a digital panorama two months earlier from almost the same location, just a bit closer to the water. Analog, about 9600x3700px.

Empire State Building and a 4th Ave Building

This is the view from my desk. The weather in NY is usually like this at this time of year, but these embellishing clouds are a rare and welcome sight. I just placed my Graflex on the sill outside the window and took 3 shots. Once upon time Park Ave was called 4th Ave and …

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Bryant Park

So far this is my largest panorama.  I especially like the ghost people… Analog, about 24200x8700px.

Manhattan, Astoria, and the East River

I shot this quickly one clear and pristine morning with my 3MP Nikon at 105mm. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry that day and the location wasn’t a very good place to shoot, so it’s just a single row panorama. Digital, about 23000x1700px.

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