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Hells Gate and Triboro Bridge

Astoria and Astoria Park have some great views of the city. Digital, about 13000x3500px.

United Nations from Hunters Point

Among the nice things Queens offers are the magnificent and dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline. Digital, about 18500x1300px.

Graffiti Building (5 Pointz)

I’m still not sure what the deal is with this building.  My guess is that it’s an atelier for artists, since the PS1 is right next door. Update: This is of course the 5 Pointz building, and it continues to have ever evolving art on the outside.

Citibank and Manhattan

Digital, about 9800x2000px.

MTA Construction at Queensboro Plaza

The MTA is doing something for over a year now, but every day I drive by with the subway, it just looks like a crane playground, with no real work done. Or a place where you could get your crane drivers license. Or just bulldozing for fun? A complete mystery, like most of the MTA’s …

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Sunrise over Rikers Island

I got up at 4 in the morning to see the new Fulton Fishmarket. The subway/bus took a bit longer than I wanted, I was a bit too late for the fish, but at least I got sunrise over the Long Island Sound. Digital, about 14000x1400px.

Construction near Queensboro Plaza [Part 1]

This is actually my first multi-row panorama, very carefully shot and stitched from 50+ images. Digital, about 18800x5500px.

30th Ave Subway stop in Astoria

My home station since 2000, I think they painted it once and build a small maintenance shack at the end of the platform, but no other changes. Handheld, digital, about 7700x1500px.

Railroad Museum PA

Hmm, trains, machines, steam. My poor GF endured a whole afternoon as I indulged my fetish for industry and technology. Digital, about 6700x2000px.

Brians House in PA

My friend Jen decided to move away from the big city. Her boyfriend has a great house in the middle of PA, and we spent a great summer weekend with them. Handheld, digital, about 14500x2000px.

Midtown from under the 59th Street Bridge

Handheld. PTgui didn’t like stitching this panorama, but I was able to straighten it out at the end. I liked the artifacts from the individual shots in this one and didn’t crop them away. Handheld, digital, about 20000x2600px.

NY Skyline during a storm

Handheld. Simple 3-shot pano. The storm swept in with incredible speed and a minute later it was pitch-black. Digital, about 4800x1400px.

Manhattan Upper Eastside from Roosevelt Island

Handheld. Digital, about 11000x1400px.

Lassen Volcano Peak

Uli and I visited Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northeastern California and actually climbed up to the peak, an elevation of 3150 meters. Amazing view from up there and to our surprise and delight – tons of butterflies. I have no idea what kind of ecosystem supports them but they were pretty and welcome sight. …

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