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Gizmodo Gallery 2011

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Abandoned Elevator Room

Abandoned Elevator Room 1 VR Abandoned Elevator Room 2 VR



I met Chiezo and her husband at the Pool Art Fair 2010 in Miami Beach. Her work is lovely intricate, and has a huge amount of geekdom attached to it, and tells a huge overarching story of 3 traveling robots. I love her work, and I hope she will find a gallery soon. In the …

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SciCafe with Astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson

SciCafe talks at the American Museum of Natural History are great and relatively small (maybe 100-150 guests usually), but Neil deGrasse Tyson is such a great and entertaining host, that this talk (last presentation before the summer break) was moved out into the great hall. iPad and Iphone users: direct path to the interactive panorama …

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Gizmodo Gallery 2009

I shot a couple of VR panoramas for Gizmodo again. You can read more about the show at In the third panorama you can see Alpay Kasal and his interactive mirror The fourth panorama is Arc Attack fixing some gear before the concert later that night

BWAC Fall Art Show 2009

BWAC Summer Art Show 2009

Starlight Room

The Starlight room of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel is one of the hidden gems of NY and the light and ceiling and the art deco artwork are maginificent. I posted a couple of different panoramas of the room, post comments about which ones you like most/least.

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Grand Central Station Part 3

Go to the middle of the floor, lie down on your back and put on your fisheye goggles (and have fun explaining what you’re doing to the before mentioned security guards). Or just look at this picture, almost the same thing. Digital, about 10000x4000px.

Grand Central Station Part 1

This is the beginning of a panorama series on Grand Central Station. It’s a work in progress so stay tuned. You can forget about shooting in Grand Central without a tripod, but getting a permit to bring the tripod in and set it up – what with security and pedestrian traffic concerns – was a …

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Straight up and dirty

Stephanie had a great opening for her first book Straight up and dirty, hundreds of people showed up at Borders to hear her talking. Handheld, digital, about 7000x1400px.

Dario’s Birthday Party at Duvet NYC

This was a very interesting experience, having food in way oversized beds, folding your legs under you until they cramp, and you shift to another position without spilling your drinks… fun. Totally manually stitched in Photoshop, I almost wouldn’t call it stitching, more very creative masking. Update: Duvet NYC is closed (2010)

Railroad Museum PA

Hmm, trains, machines, steam. My poor GF endured a whole afternoon as I indulged my fetish for industry and technology. Digital, about 6700x2000px.