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NYC after Hurricane Sandy – part 2

A divided city: downtown without, mid- and uptown blazing lights: While parts of Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island are truly devastated, Hurricane Sandy “just” left Lower Manhattan without power, Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012: Large backup generators provide just enough power to keep a restaurant up and running, like a beacon of light attracting patrons” Food …

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NYC after Hurricane Sandy – part 1

Fixing the electric grid after massive failures due to flooding: Repair efforts the day after Hurricane Sandy, Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012: ConEd crew lowering a large pump into a supply tunnel: Staging area on Union Square North, where electrical repair crews from Maryland, D.C. Virginia, Georgia and other states arrive and await work orders from …

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Go wide or go home – 360 video for Xperia Studio

Xperia Studio approached me a while ago for this project, to feature the Xperia Phones in an unusual way. Being a panorama photographer, and very interested in all things 360, I came up with a way to use 6 Xperia Neo’s (with fisheye lenses attached) to shoot a 360 video. And since every movie (or …

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Far Rockaway Evacuation: Hurricane Irene

Far Rockaway residents were just hesitantly preparing on Friday night for the mandatory evacuation, and only a couple of home owners had boarded up their house. The residents of the Seaview Manor were moved to a new and safer location inland.

Pousada de Palmela

Pousada de Palmela at night

Verrazano Bridge

Verrazano Bridge from Fort Hamilton

Frozen Hearnshead

Cleopatra’s Needle (in Central Park)

Cleopatra’s Needle (Wiki) isn’t really associated with Cleopatra, and predates her quite a bit (1450BC), and Wiki has the full story about how it got to New York in 1880… it may very well be the oldest human-crafted object out in the public in NYC.

Belvedere Castle (Central Park)

The view from the castle, which is an odd piece of architecture in my opinion to begin with, is really nice, especially the view of the Delacorte Theater and the Turtle Pond, which didn’t seem to have any ducks on ice at the moment.

Snow in Central Park

Hunter College Park Avenue

Coney Island Board Walk

More and more of the “old school” vendors vanishing from the board walk, some due to code violations, some probably don’t get their leases extended… probably part of the “clean up” project, where nobody is sure where it’s going. I just wanted to take the opportunity to photograph it in it’s current form before it’s …

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Inn of Chicago

Chicago looks so very different than NYC at night, slightly different colors, different windows, different people. Have a look at the deep zoom.

5 Pointz Building

The 5 Pointz Building is ever evolving, and sometime between 2006 and 2010 the exterior stairs were removed, probably too many people tried to climb up there, and they weren’t really suitable for climbing anymore. My previous panorama from this location has become a historical document, because it would be impossible to redo it (due …

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Old Astoria – New Astoria

Astoria, like so many other boroughs, is changing rapidly, especially the water front is being rapidly developed, while some other streets are not in fashion yet (even if they are just a block away). This leads to a very strange patchwork of architecture (as if Queens architecture isn’t challenged enough already).

Toren Tower (Brooklyn)

The Toren Condo, designed by SOM, is one of the more modern approaches to architecture in NYC, something that seemed to be missing in the last couple of decades of architecture here. It is great to see change.

Governors Island

The Brooklyner

The view from the Brooklyner is great, because it’s the tallest residential building in Brooklyn, if I am not mistaken. You can see Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty, Downtown and Midtown (and probably Queens) from the rooftop. Metrotech is also right there, and  am not sure what’s up with the blue light on their …

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Brooklyn Bridge (6 Gigapixel)

This is my contribution to the gigapixel race, and it is probably the currently largest night panorama of the Brooklyn Bridge, spanning from Staten Island to the River Cafe and Music Barge. For those technically inclined, the image is 5.7 gigapixel (and about 1.5 gigapixel of “meaningful content”, if you subtract water and sky, but …

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Bronx Hall of Justice

The new building by Raphael Viñoly Architects looks beautiful during the night…

The largest New York Panorama on Display

I am very happy to announce the probably largest printed panorama currently on display of and in New York City. It is 38×8 feet or 11.5×2.5 meters. The show at BWAC opens on Saturday, July 17, 1-6PM and is open each weekend until August 21, 2010. The BWAC gallery is located in Redhook, across the …

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Gulf Gas Station, Astoria

Urban gas stations are a fascinating subject, very bright, sometimes nice, sometimes dirty, and they have to make due with whatever location they have (not like highway gas stations which are all built in the same manner).

Astoria Pool

The Astoria Pool (Astoria Park) is the oldest and largest public pool in NYC, and while it was used for olympic trials in the last century, the NYC Parks department is feeling the constraints of a lower budget, and hence the pool opens relatively late in summer, and it’s general state of repair isn’t the …

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Hell Gate Bridge in Astoria

The Hell Gate Bridge was opened in 1916, and was the inspiration for the Sydney Harbour Bridge (built in 1925). The red paint used on the bridge fades relatively fast, I believe it had it’s last paint job in 2005 (bright red), but has returned to a very dull maroon color. Wiki entry about the …

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SciCafe with Astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson

SciCafe talks at the American Museum of Natural History are great and relatively small (maybe 100-150 guests usually), but Neil deGrasse Tyson is such a great and entertaining host, that this talk (last presentation before the summer break) was moved out into the great hall. iPad and Iphone users: direct path to the interactive panorama …

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