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Chemical Plants in Houston

The oil and chemical industry is all over Houston, particularly in the south, and the sites look fabulosly at night, much nicer than the handful of installations in NJ. If you happen to own one of these, or work for one, please contact me, I would love to photograph some more of these for your …

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Shell Gas Station, Harlem

This was my second attempt photographing this gas station, and gas stations in general. It took a lot of patience, since it is actually a very busy gas station, with cars constantly pulling in and filling up.

Alice in Central Park (II)

This is another attempt to capture the sculpture in an interesting panoramic way, I am not completely happy yet, and will have to wait for some night to try it again. Here is the previous attempt:

Gizmodo Gallery 2009

I shot a couple of VR panoramas for Gizmodo again. You can read more about the show at In the third panorama you can see Alpay Kasal and his interactive mirror The fourth panorama is Arc Attack fixing some gear before the concert later that night

BWAC Fall Art Show 2009

BWAC Summer Art Show 2009

Long exposure HDR bracketing with Arduino Bracketmeister

I finally got around to post a test panorama exposed with my Arduino Bracketmeister. For those interested, the base exposure for the relatively dark backyard was 15s at ISO800/f5.6 and brackets at +-3 and +-1.5EV (2, 6, 15, 40, 120sec). Exposure fused directly in PTgui.

Earth Hour in New York

Last night at 8.30 local time was Earth Hour, and 4000 cities world wide participated and turned off their lights for one hour, with great results. New York City on the other hand was a big disappointment… sure, some of the larger structures turned off (Empire State Building and the Citi Corp Building, but over …

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Changes and new website

In order to bring some order into my websites (about 4 of them now), I am trying to separate the commercial aspect from the fine art aspect. Visit for my commercial photography, for my fine art photography, or continue reading here on One thing that will also change here on this website …

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Upper East Side (from Roosevelt Island)

Ever since I shot the pano in April, I was unhappy about it (the second one), and decided to reshoot it (the first one), with more coverage to the left, and a bit more resolution. About 400 megapixel.

Gizmodo Gallery (NYC)


Macy’s Parade 2007

I went to the 2007 Macy’s Parade balloon setup staging area around the American Museum of Natural History, which is quite a spectacle for everybody. Starting around midnight, I worked all night, up to the moment the parade actually leaves the staging area. I shot so many panoramas that I am still not finished editing …

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Empire State Building (from 6th Ave)

Peg, who I met at the last day of the Tabla Rasa Show, was so kind to offer her rooftop for this great panorama. I think this is so far the nicest ESB panorama. What do you think?. Digital, about 1 gigapixel.

Wall Street – New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

I did another Wall Street panorama set upon request from Der Spiegel, but unfortunately they did not wanted to use it (yet). So, if you are interested licensing them, contact me. Many many megapixel.

New York Supreme Court

This panorama is a little bit an experiment… I wanted to get as much supreme court as possible into one photo. Hopefully I can get a panorama from the inside one day, since the hallway alone looks very promising. Digital, about 400 megapixel.

Chinatown: Walker Street and Lafayette

I am continuing to work on my Chinatown series. It has become a bit difficult, since I really want to photograph a bit more of the street life, but none of the store owners want to speak english (anybody speaking some form of chinese and wants to help me convincing store owners?) Never the less, …

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Upper West Side Backyards

It’s very interesting to see just how many rooftops are out there, and how they are used in the Upper West Side. Digital, about 600 megapixel.

Good Bye Coney Island Astroland

Astroland has closed it’s doors officially on September 7, 2008. The Albert family sold the property to Thor Equity in 2006, who will be redeveloping the area into a $1.5b resort. (With the current economy, that plan might take a bit longer.) According to wiki, the Alberts agreed to maintain the Cyclone roller coaster, and …

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South Cove (Tribeca)

The lights and colors of this area were really attractive. I did try this panorama last week, but my memory card died on me, so I had to reshoot, and fortunately it turned out much better. The waiters of both restaurants were a bit curious to see what I was up to, but didn’t say …

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Alice in Central Park

Alice in Wonderland (by José de Creeft) was commissioned by George Delacorte for his wife in 1959 and is said to be the most beloved statue in Central Park. It is certainly, together with Hans Christian Anderson, the most approachable statue, almost like a playground piece. About 500 megapixel

Hans Christian Anderson revisited

I visited the Hans Christian Anderson statue in Central Park in Winter 2007 (snow pano), but I was never happy with the result. The snow was nice, but there were tons of foot prints, the composition had to real weight, and the lens I was using back then was producing way too many flares. It …

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Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is New Yorks most visible and most central icon. About 650 megapixel.

George Washington Bridge (GWB)

I really never knew what the structure above the GWB approach was, until I walked by and found that it’s another bus terminal, servicing NJ… who knew? About 350 megapixel

Yosemite Extreme Panorama Project

Eric Hanson and Greg Downing from invited me (and 70 others) to take part in the Yosemite Extreme Panorama Project. The project attempts to make an almost complete virtual panorama of the walls of the valley, in insanely high resolution. Teams went to 24 locations with gigapan bots and Canon G9s and shot each …

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Grand Central front

This is also a reshoot of an older panorama. It took me about 3h to shoot this, spending most of the time on the street with all the cars. Digital, about 640 megapixel.

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