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Verrazano Bridge

Verrazano Bridge from Fort Hamilton

Frozen Hearnshead

Belvedere Castle (Central Park)

The view from the castle, which is an odd piece of architecture in my opinion to begin with, is really nice, especially the view of the Delacorte Theater and the Turtle Pond, which didn’t seem to have any ducks on ice at the moment.

Governors Island

The Brooklyner

The view from the Brooklyner is great, because it’s the tallest residential building in Brooklyn, if I am not mistaken. You can see Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty, Downtown and Midtown (and probably Queens) from the rooftop. Metrotech is also right there, and  am not sure what’s up with the blue light on their …

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Hell Gate Bridge in Astoria

The Hell Gate Bridge was opened in 1916, and was the inspiration for the Sydney Harbour Bridge (built in 1925). The red paint used on the bridge fades relatively fast, I believe it had it’s last paint job in 2005 (bright red), but has returned to a very dull maroon color. Wiki entry about the …

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East River Roundabout

The East River Roundabout park is easily the most unknown and inaccessible park in NYC. It’s only use at the moment is a dog run. The structure is an old garbage transfer station, and the sculpture on top of it was designed/installed in 1995 by Alice Aycock. The NYC parks department has a bit more …

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59th Street Bridge and Rockefeller University

Sunset over Jersey City

Upper East Side (from Roosevelt Island)

Ever since I shot the pano in April, I was unhappy about it (the second one), and decided to reshoot it (the first one), with more coverage to the left, and a bit more resolution. About 400 megapixel.

South Cove (Tribeca)

The lights and colors of this area were really attractive. I did try this panorama last week, but my memory card died on me, so I had to reshoot, and fortunately it turned out much better. The waiters of both restaurants were a bit curious to see what I was up to, but didn’t say …

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Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge

The 125th birthday celebration were in full swing with a light show on the bridge. I went back to the same spot where I shot the “two Bridges” panorama from, only this time I used the 85mm lens. I personally found the light show quite cheesy and garish, but I guess it attracted tourists.

WFC Marina (North Cove)

I reshot the marina since last December, since I wanted to get some more of the boats and the water reflections in there. Digital, about 600 megapixel.

South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport is an interesting mix between museum, tourist attraction and shopping and food mall. It’s one of those places where old New York meets new New York. About 460 megapixel.

Two Bridges (redux)

Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge: since so many people really liked this panorama, I decided to reshoot it much larger, and this is the new and improved version that will soon find its way into the portfolio with the usual size of 243x76cm (96x30in). Digital, about 400 megapixel.

Riverside Park South

Riverside Park South is nearly finished, it just needs some small touch-up, and it’s actually quite nice, and very inviting for sightseeing, walking and biking. I like the fact that they left some artifacts of the old piers in the water, especially the old railroad barge transfer facility. I was also surprised to see so …

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Upper East Side (from Roosevelt Island)

Roosevelt Island has a great view of Manhattan, especially the upper east side. About 250 megapixel.

Central Park: The Pond

Now that winter seems to be over in NY, and the trees almost start blooming, I went back into the park. The Pond surrounds a small animal sanctuary, and without leaves on the trees, the reflections on the water are pretty calm. About 330 megapixel.

Midtown from Roosevelt Island

This panorama was originally a custom shot for a client in Florida. He needed a panorama of NY with a 5:1 aspect ratio and more than 1 gigapixel resolution. It turned out not to be fruitful at all. The extreme wide aspect ratio prevents me from taking it into my fine art portfolio, but maybe …

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Brooklyn Bridge (again)

I went back to the Brooklyn Bridge to take another panorama, this time only a 200 degree panorama, with nothing but water in the foreground and all the focus on the bridge and a quite nice moon. It’s stitched from 50 tiles. About 280 megapixel.

Brooklyn Bridge

Walking around in Manhattan is inspiring. You stumble over locations that are interesting, but yet deserted. South Street seaport, teaming with tourists during the day had only 2 employees there at night, and a bunch of teenagers partying. About 280 megapixel.

Two Bridges

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge are probably on every NY tourist photo. It’s just a bit tough to get them both in the same picture. Digital, about 95 megapixel.

Midtown from LIC

It is amazing what kind of friendly people live in NYC. You meet them at a party, chat with them, ask them nicely, and they let you up their roof. Thank you Sasha&Ruth. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong and I am not happy with the results, so I have to retake it another night. …

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Encampment on Roosevelt Island

Thom Sokolosky and his team created the second encampment, basically a gigantic outdoor group art show for local artists. Each artist is assigned a tent, which are similar to those from the civil war and lit up with a small light source. The reception was phenomenal, I think over 10000 people visited the encampment over …

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Pepsi Cola

I assume every tourist has seen the Pepsi Cola sign across from the UN, but always wondered how to get there. Well, you sort of can’t, but it’s just a matter of just going there. I like this one a lot, even if the visual information content is not very high. But it has a …

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