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5 Bridges

NY has hundreds of bridges, not just the five that everybody knows. You can see five of them from Rainey Park in Astoria: Queensboro Bridge, Roosevelt Island Bridge, Triboro and Hellsgate, and a small pedestrian bridge going from Manhattan to Wards Island. I had to wait a couple of days for the rain to stop …

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John was so kind to let me out on the terrace to shoot a panorama. I took the opportunity to shoot a small one while the sun was setting, and a big one after it was completely “dark,” or at least as dark as it ever gets in NY. Digital, about 100 and 330 megapixel.

Astoria Park

Astoria Park is right around the corner. It has a nice running track, but is otherwise not the nicest park. The fact that the Triboro Bridge is under renovation doesn’t really help. Close up it’s still an ugly bridge. The Hells Gate Bridge has much more class, although it could use a bucket or two …

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’round midnight

The lake in Central Park is simply called The Lake. Going to the Hearnshead at midnight was a bit scary, whoever you meet at that time is either scared of you, or you should be scared of them. Shooting on the streets of New York at night is no issue for me, but the Park …

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Ducks on Ice

Not a single turtle in the turtle pond near the castle in Central Park, but sleeping ducks, and two racoons in the bushes. Digital, about 26000x7000px.

Hans Christian Anderson

Only one duck was out that night. And I had no idea Hans Christian Anderson was sitting here all by himself. Digital, about 26000x7000px.

Midtown from Roosevelt Island at Night

Roosevelt Island is right in the middle of the East River between Manhattan and Queens. It has some great views (Midtown and the Upper East Side), and some not so great views (an ugly powerplant in Long Island City). I am not sure what the Southpoint Park is usually used for. But unfortunately it closes …

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South Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Sunrise over the southern tip of Manhattan and the South Street Seaport. Digital, about 19000x4000px.

59th Street Bridge and Manhattan

It’s not easy to find good places to shoot Manhattan. Lots of the good ones are owned by Con Edison or other companies, and they don’t let anyone on their property. I was trying to get a shot of the bridge from the south, but no such luck. Digital, about 17000x4500px. There is actually a …

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Hells Gate and Triboro Bridge II

This is the analog version of a digital panorama two months earlier from almost the same location, just a bit closer to the water. Analog, about 9600x3700px.

Manhattan, Astoria, and the East River

I shot this quickly one clear and pristine morning with my 3MP Nikon at 105mm. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry that day and the location wasn’t a very good place to shoot, so it’s just a single row panorama. Digital, about 23000x1700px.

Hells Gate and Triboro Bridge

Astoria and Astoria Park have some great views of the city. Digital, about 13000x3500px.

United Nations from Hunters Point

Among the nice things Queens offers are the magnificent and dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline. Digital, about 18500x1300px.

Sunrise over Rikers Island

I got up at 4 in the morning to see the new Fulton Fishmarket. The subway/bus took a bit longer than I wanted, I was a bit too late for the fish, but at least I got sunrise over the Long Island Sound. Digital, about 14000x1400px.

Midtown from under the 59th Street Bridge

Handheld. PTgui didn’t like stitching this panorama, but I was able to straighten it out at the end. I liked the artifacts from the individual shots in this one and didn’t crop them away. Handheld, digital, about 20000x2600px.

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