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West Village and Hudson Park

Midtown at Night

The Empire State building is a curious one. While the Crysler Building is a hidden gem, the Empire just sits there at 34th Street, monolithic, colorfully lit and kind of unavoidable. But still very pretty. Digital, about 26000x9000px.

Empire from 5th Avenue

It took a while to post this and it was sitting all the time on my hard disk while I was waiting for an update of my stitching software. Now the update came, and I was finally able to make this panorama. Digital, about 400 megapixel.

Empire State Building from 5th Ave South at Night

This was a simple two shot panorama, taken right in front of the Museum of Sex. Their entrance niche gave me shelter and relief from the bone penetrating wind chill that night. The sidewalk was crazy busy with pedestrians, but you’d never know it because the 8 minute exposure made them all disappear. Analog, about …

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Empire State Building and a 4th Ave Building

This is the view from my desk. The weather in NY is usually like this at this time of year, but these embellishing clouds are a rare and welcome sight. I just placed my Graflex on the sill outside the window and took 3 shots. Once upon time Park Ave was called 4th Ave and …

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