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5 Pointz Building

The 5 Pointz Building is ever evolving, and sometime between 2006 and 2010 the exterior stairs were removed, probably too many people tried to climb up there, and they weren’t really suitable for climbing anymore. My previous panorama from this location has become a historical document, because it would be impossible to redo it (due …

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Queens Plaza

It’s been a while since the last post. North, east, West, South take longer than expected to edit. I also wanted to explore the shady side streets of Queens Plaza. It’s an interesting mix of brand new constructions, and old manufacturing buildings. I am pretty sure they will be gone in 10 years.

Construction near Queensboro Plaza [Part 2]

Now, four months later, the construction is almost finished, the facade is coming up. I plan to take another panorama from the exact same location when it’s finished. Digital, about 17200x6500px.

United Nations from Hunters Point

Among the nice things Queens offers are the magnificent and dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline. Digital, about 18500x1300px.

Graffiti Building (5 Pointz)

I’m still not sure what the deal is with this building.  My guess is that it’s an atelier for artists, since the PS1 is right next door. Update: This is of course the 5 Pointz building, and it continues to have ever evolving art on the outside.

Citibank and Manhattan

Digital, about 9800x2000px.

MTA Construction at Queensboro Plaza

The MTA is doing something for over a year now, but every day I drive by with the subway, it just looks like a crane playground, with no real work done. Or a place where you could get your crane drivers license. Or just bulldozing for fun? A complete mystery, like most of the MTA’s …

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Construction near Queensboro Plaza [Part 1]

This is actually my first multi-row panorama, very carefully shot and stitched from 50+ images. Digital, about 18800x5500px.