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Bloomberg Building (test shoot)

Those two panoramas are just location shots for a shoot I am planning later this year. The Bloomberg Building is incredible interesting, and incredible difficult to photograph.

West Village and Hudson Park

NY Advertising Agencies

The area between the West Village and the Holland Tunnel is home to some of New York’s ad agencies, especially Euro (on the left) and Saatchi (on the right). Since this is a 180 degree panorama, I was struggling a bit with the composition: panoramic, or wide angle? I think for this the wide angle …

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Guggenheim Museum

Tribeca Parking Lot

Sunset over Jersey City

59th Street Bridge and Manhattan

It’s not easy to find good places to shoot Manhattan. Lots of the good ones are owned by Con Edison or other companies, and they don’t let anyone on their property. I was trying to get a shot of the bridge from the south, but no such luck. Digital, about 17000x4500px. There is actually a …

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Empire State Building and a 4th Ave Building

This is the view from my desk. The weather in NY is usually like this at this time of year, but these embellishing clouds are a rare and welcome sight. I just placed my Graflex on the sill outside the window and took 3 shots. Once upon time Park Ave was called 4th Ave and …

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Bryant Park

So far this is my largest panorama.  I especially like the ghost people… Analog, about 24200x8700px.

Manhattan, Astoria, and the East River

I shot this quickly one clear and pristine morning with my 3MP Nikon at 105mm. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry that day and the location wasn’t a very good place to shoot, so it’s just a single row panorama. Digital, about 23000x1700px.

Midtown from under the 59th Street Bridge

Handheld. PTgui didn’t like stitching this panorama, but I was able to straighten it out at the end. I liked the artifacts from the individual shots in this one and didn’t crop them away. Handheld, digital, about 20000x2600px.

NY Skyline during a storm

Handheld. Simple 3-shot pano. The storm swept in with incredible speed and a minute later it was pitch-black. Digital, about 4800x1400px.

Manhattan Upper Eastside from Roosevelt Island

Handheld. Digital, about 11000x1400px.