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Bloomberg Building (test shoot)

Those two panoramas are just location shots for a shoot I am planning later this year. The Bloomberg Building is incredible interesting, and incredible difficult to photograph.

Northern Times Square

Sunset at Times Square

David and Jeff were so kind to let me up on John’s rooftop, and while I was waiting for the sun to set completely, I took 2 quick panoramas during the sunset. Great view from up there.

Bryant Part at Dusk

Bryant Park closes after sunset, and security guards try to encourage people to leave. They got really impatient with me standing in the middle of the lawn. But the glowing band of buildings all around it, without much foilage (yet) was just to pretty to miss.


Part 2 of the series took a bit longer than expected to finish, but it’s done. Now the remaining two…


Part 2, or better part 1.5 of this series. Although “South” looks great, the plan of having 4 of them demands a bit more consistency, so I will reshoot “South” with more coverage towards top and bottom. Bob is fortunately very patient and kind in letting me use his office after hours and I shot …

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This is the begining of a new mini series of non-panoramic panoramas. Square is nice too. I am planning to shoot one panorama in each direction and then have all 4 next to each other, so they will be a 360 degree panorama with seams, but a total of 1700 megapixels. The planned print size …

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Midtown at Night

The Empire State building is a curious one. While the Crysler Building is a hidden gem, the Empire just sits there at 34th Street, monolithic, colorfully lit and kind of unavoidable. But still very pretty. Digital, about 26000x9000px.

Midtown from Roosevelt Island at Night

Roosevelt Island is right in the middle of the East River between Manhattan and Queens. It has some great views (Midtown and the Upper East Side), and some not so great views (an ugly powerplant in Long Island City). I am not sure what the Southpoint Park is usually used for. But unfortunately it closes …

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Bryant Park

So far this is my largest panorama.  I especially like the ghost people… Analog, about 24200x8700px.

United Nations from Hunters Point

Among the nice things Queens offers are the magnificent and dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline. Digital, about 18500x1300px.

Midtown from under the 59th Street Bridge

Handheld. PTgui didn’t like stitching this panorama, but I was able to straighten it out at the end. I liked the artifacts from the individual shots in this one and didn’t crop them away. Handheld, digital, about 20000x2600px.

NY Skyline during a storm

Handheld. Simple 3-shot pano. The storm swept in with incredible speed and a minute later it was pitch-black. Digital, about 4800x1400px.