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Frozen Hearnshead

Cleopatra’s Needle (in Central Park)

Cleopatra’s Needle (Wiki) isn’t really associated with Cleopatra, and predates her quite a bit (1450BC), and Wiki has the full story about how it got to New York in 1880… it may very well be the oldest human-crafted object out in the public in NYC.

Belvedere Castle (Central Park)

The view from the castle, which is an odd piece of architecture in my opinion to begin with, is really nice, especially the view of the Delacorte Theater and the Turtle Pond, which didn’t seem to have any ducks on ice at the moment.

Snow in Central Park

The Rock

I shot this panorama the same night as I shot “Hearnshead.” It was really cold, and Peter was already a bit complaining about the cold. We found one of the many strange rock formations that are very common in Central Park. Looking at this Panorrama, i think i could have choosen a slightly different location, …

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The Cop Cot (Central Park South)

Nights in Manhattan full of those beautyfully wasted photons. Just get out and capture some of them. Digital, about 25700x8000px.