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Earth Hour in New York

Last night at 8.30 local time was Earth Hour, and 4000 cities world wide participated and turned off their lights for one hour, with great results. New York City on the other hand was a big disappointment… sure, some of the larger structures turned off (Empire State Building and the Citi Corp Building, but over …

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Midtown from Roosevelt Island

This panorama was originally a custom shot for a client in Florida. He needed a panorama of NY with a 5:1 aspect ratio and more than 1 gigapixel resolution. It turned out not to be fruitful at all. The extreme wide aspect ratio prevents me from taking it into my fine art portfolio, but maybe …

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Midtown from LIC

It is amazing what kind of friendly people live in NYC. You meet them at a party, chat with them, ask them nicely, and they let you up their roof. Thank you Sasha&Ruth. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong and I am not happy with the results, so I have to retake it another night. …

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Pepsi Cola

I assume every tourist has seen the Pepsi Cola sign across from the UN, but always wondered how to get there. Well, you sort of can’t, but it’s just a matter of just going there. I like this one a lot, even if the visual information content is not very high. But it has a …

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4th of July

I was invited to a great rooftop party, lugged all my equipment around, and had no opportunity to shoot the fireworks. Bummer. But it was still a great view, so I shot the panorama after everyone was downstairs again. Digital, about 250 megapixel.

Midtown from Roosevelt Island at Night

Roosevelt Island is right in the middle of the East River between Manhattan and Queens. It has some great views (Midtown and the Upper East Side), and some not so great views (an ugly powerplant in Long Island City). I am not sure what the Southpoint Park is usually used for. But unfortunately it closes …

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Graffiti Building (5 Pointz)

I’m still not sure what the deal is with this building.  My guess is that it’s an atelier for artists, since the PS1 is right next door. Update: This is of course the 5 Pointz building, and it continues to have ever evolving art on the outside.